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F.Y.N.N. Immersion Spray

F.Y.N.N. Immersion Spray

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The scent of F.Y.N.N. the hologram fox in a bottle!

Created by HUFF Aromas, this 1oz oil-based fragrance is designed to bring you up close and personal with our Furality mascot.

The smell of this immersion spray contains metallic, fruity, and musky notes.

Each bottle includes a 4" F.Y.N.N. sticker.

This spray differs from other Furality Immersion Sprays and uses a fractionated coconut oil base.

Note: This item ships from the U.S. and may incur higher shipping cost for international orders

Quantities are limited!

Shake before use. Not intended as a fursuit spray or personal fragrance. May stain fabrics or other surfaces. Do not spray on your VR headset or other equipment. Do not consume.

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